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Family acro yoga on Mother's Day

What is Chez Dzendolet?

Chez Dzendolet means “Dzendolet House”

chez – SHā/ preposition at the home of

I’ve always wanted to be healthy, but was also really good with excuses. Eventually, enough became enough, and my husband and I decided to start making changes. We wanted to make lasting changes, so we accepted that this would be a long journey.

Here we are about 5 years in, and, though we have a long way to go, we are so very far from where we started. Originally this blog was meant to follow my families journey, hence the original tag line “life in a fit family.” However, I felt that was too narrow, because we are all in a journey to be healthier and happier! While Chez Dzendolet is still rooted in families journey, I brought in some amazing people to share their knowledge and experiences.

I am lucky enough to know a number of incredibly intelligent and talented people, and I am excited to bring you their insights! Please see the “Chez Dzendolet Authors” page for profiles, while profile pictures at the bottom of every page will take you to their most recent post.

We’re a young family destroying our old unhealthy habits in favor of a fit & healthy life! Join us!

My YTT graduating class at Stray Dog Yoga Studio <3

My YTT graduating class at Stray Dog Yoga Studio❤

my personal mission statement:

“To pursue my passions with zeal by continually advancing my knowledge of a healthy and happy life via training and certifications, specializing in yoga, enabling me to teach others in ways that are most beneficial to them to encourage their pursuit of their own healthy, happy life.”

Namaste my friends!

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